Who Is Prairie Sunset Ranch?

We are a fourth-generation cattle operation out here on the Prairies of Manitoba in the heart of the Interlake! Our herd started out with a Simmental/Limousine influence and over the years, my father started to change directions with the herd and we now primarily run Red and Black Angus!

We take a lot of pride in how we handle and raise our animals.

All our animals are well cared for and they are on our all-inclusive Prairie Sunset Ranch hay diet that we grow here on our land. The cattle are given organic oats sparingly that are grown on our farm and are free from any chemicals, herbicides and pesticides to maintain that continuity of our clean and healthy beef product.

We take a lot of pride in how we handle and raise our animals.

99% grass-fed

The reason we do this is to help the calves during weaning to learn the ropes and help them grow into their frames, not to gain weight. It also helps us in safe and gentle handling of the herd. Because of this diet we consider our product to be 99% grass-fed, making sure to retain all the healthy benefits of purchasing a grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone free animal! 

99% grass-fed

Fully Transparent

We are fully transparent on how we raise our herd and you can always see first-hand if you head over to our YouTube channel and check it out.

Fully Transparent

Pre-orders for the 2023 year!

Approximately 90lbs of Meat

Available in Quarters, Halves or Whole.

35 + lbs of Double Ground Beef
7-9 Packages of Steaks
3-4 Roast
7 lbs of Stewing & Stir-Fry Meat
3-4 Packages of Short Ribs
2-3 Bags or Soup Bones
1-2 Packages of Liver

Beef Shares are sold Quarters, Halves and Wholes. When you purchase a share you will be receiving blended parts from both the hind and front quarters, unless you purchase a whole share. This allows you to get an equal distribution of cuts from the whole animal.

These cattle are 10-18 months old and come out with amazing tenderness and flavour!

Prairie Sunset Ranch

CATTLE drive home for WINTER!

Winter is beginning to set in which means one thing! It is time to bring all the cattle and their CALVES back home for the long cold winter about to set in.

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