No ranch could run without our trusted and reliable extended family members! Our herd has been on this farm for four generations and are the corner stone to this ranch. With times we have changed direction and now run a primarily Red & Black Angus herd. These gals have great mothering instincts and their calves are up and running almost as soon as they drop!  
Along with our ladies, we have our handsome boys; “Isaac & Elliot”! These guys are truly a treat and are a great addition to our herd!  
On top of our cattle, we have a small flock of sheep, who keep us on our toes and a couple extra “ranch hands” named Dacotah, Chevy and Boots.  
No ranch would be complete without our brave guardians! Our animals are protected from predators by our “pups” Nova, Titus, Boomer & Buzz!  
Here on the ranch, we calve out our herd in the winter and our summers are busy making that beautiful hay for our animals.